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Chasing The Dream

Written by Jin'ichiro Shibahara

Apr 15,  2007 - 700 Miles for One Bull
700 miles
1 bull
$160 entry fee.
Friday afternoon found me on I-80 heading west to California. I stayed at a truck stop in Sparks, NV that night and the next morning, I grabbed a Starbucks coffee and kept going. There was snow after I passed the border between Nevada and California, up in the mountains. My 1990 Honda Prelude didn't have trouble since I just drove slow.
A huge cloud covered Northern California on Saturday. Rainy, windy and cold. Nothing good for rodeo. But in Oakdale, California, it didn't matter if the rain fell or the wind blew, the rodeo was on as usual. The sky cleared the next day, but it was still windy. The rodeo started at 1:30 in the afternoon. We had 2 sections of bull riding and I was in the 2nd section. I was little bit tense. My bull was W382 Waterfall, owned by Frying U rodeo Company. I heard from Thomas Bert that he has a lot of kick, would make a couple of jumps and turn left, maybe right, but mostly left. One of Frying U's crewmen told me "he is a descent bull, you'll be fine."
I went to practice a couple of times after I came back to Utah so it wasn't my first bull in 8 months.  That bull did exactly as they said.  As he jumped out from the right hand delivery I was O.K., then on the 2nd jump, I leaned too far forward and couldn't lift my self back to the right spot, and when he landed I lost my feet and was out. Less than 2seconds. I made the same mistake at the PRCA rodeo in Logan, Utah last year, and at the PBR event in San Francisco 3-4yeras ago.  And now, I've done it again.
I took off right after the rodeo; backed on the free way.  Stopped by In-N-Out for supper and kept driving.
Another 700 miles to home.  $160 for 2seconds.  It didn't work out this time.  I am so frustrated.
My next rodeos are Springville, CA. on the 27th and Lakeside, CA. on the 29th.
"Remember Oakdale."
Jinichiro Shibahara
Apr 26,  2007 - Updated News recently received a message from Jin'ichiro Shibahara saying that following the Lakeside, CA rodeo on the 29th of April, he will be riding in the Kern County Sheriff Reserve Association's Stampede Days Rodeo in Bakersfield, CA on the 4th and 5th of May.
Bakersfield is World known for being the home of the late, great Country musician, Buck Owens and even has a boulevard in the city named for him.  Even the Stampede Days Rodeo was known as "Buck Owens' Rodeo Days"until 1985.  For further information about the event, please see the official homepage of the Stampede Days Rodeo.

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