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Chasing The Dream

Written by Jin'ichiro Shibahara

NOV 9, 2006 - After the accident

I'm writing this at my friend's place in Saskatchewan, Canada. Like I did last couple of years, I stepped out from the U.S.A. just a few days before my 90days run out. I think I'll have to stay in Canada little bit longer than I would expect so as to heal these injuries up completely.

This time, I'd like to tell stories about some people I made acquaintance with through bullriding. And many stories came from Cody, Wyoming, 'cause that place is I was at. Cody is very attractive town which still has "Wild Old West" taste and is the east side gate to Yellowstone National Park. 

At Cody Nite Rodeo, the stock contractor from Oklahoma brought rodeo stocks. Mo Betta Rodeo Company was their name. They also own Mo Betta Shirts which sponsored Garth Brooks. Long time ago, I found an article of Mo Betta Shirts in a Japanese magazine and this featured Mr.Randy Bass who was the biggest foreign superstar in Japanese Baseball history. Mr.Bass was also from Oklahoma, so that's why he had something to do with Mo Betta. I still remember that.

A few days before I've got injury, I talked to Maury, the owner of Mo Betta, about Mr.Bass. Maury said "Yeah, I know him well, he's a good friend of mine. He's a Congress of Oklahoma now." So I told the whole story about him as far as I know enthusiastically. Maury said "Allright, we'll call him later!" It didn't happen... However, Mr.Bass gave me a call a few days after I had the surgery.  I said "Hello!" when I picked up phone, and he said "Hey, this is Randy Bass." Blank for seconds. I said "WHAT???". I never expected he gave me a call. I told him my story since I started bullriding and how I was a big his fan when I was a kid. He said "I've always been around in rodeo country in Oklahoma, but never got involved." So I said "That's why you were pretty good at baseball and got great success." He replied "Yeah, maybe!" Before I hung up the phone, he said "Anytime you'll come over to Oklahoma for rodeo, let me know. You'd got a place to stay." I gave him huge thanks for what I was told.

Speaking of Oklahoma, many bullriders hail from there, including 1987 World Champion, Lane Frost. A his nephew, Brian Frost participated CBR(Championship Bull Riders) event in Cody. I couldn't talk to him. But his style took after his uncle, Lane, very much. I guessed he watched Lane's video over and over and over when he was a kid. "8seconds" is what he lives now.

To put back to my situation, I'm getting better than I was in Utah. No more crutches to walk, for instance, I don't have any trouble with to put socks, underwear and jeans. I can take shower and wash both legs and feet easily. My hip muscle is still stiff so I don't have flexibility like I used to have. To keep stretching every day, I try to get back to normal. One bad thing is that here is getting colder, the morning of November 2nd was at only 0 degree F (-19 degree C). This makes my bolts and plates in my body feel so cold. Also, I started light exercise as rehabilitation. Mainly I do for shoulders, knees and core part twice a week. I don't take so much weights and pressures on now. To do these and watch myself carefully, I'll put some more weights and/or more reps and sets later.

Until I get back on bullriding, I'll keep to post some stories on this web magazine like a blog. Though it'll be nothing to do with rodeo or bullriding sometimes. Please don't expect to be renewed often!

Till then.

"Life is what happen to you while you are making other plans."

  By Ms. Shilia Hunter, who is the first female President of National Wildlife Federation and is also very close friend of photographer Mr. Michio Hoshino.

Jinichiro Shibahara

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