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Chasing The Dream

Written by Jin'ichiro Shibahara

JUN 27, 2006 - I'm ready

Now, it's time to go back. I was waiting for long time for this.  My hamstring is fixed, my shoulder is still same but it feels good. I've been trained with strength and conditioning coach since April and my body has changed a lot. But I've been thinking what I have to do this year in bullriding. I know I have to win $2500 in PBR to become a Card holder, as I mentioned early this year. However, 2006season already turned half way, and the Finals will be hosted in October. Spending long hours for driving a car and paying lots of money for entry fee  to get one bull is too much risky for me who haven't ridden even one head bull since last October. What I need is just getting on practice bulls as much as I want. I still remember what I was told by a good friend of mine Mr. Guy Johansen who is 1987 Canadian Champion Bullrider, "You just jumped in PBR without stepping up. You are here and PBR is way up there. Everybody spent years in amateur, semi-pro, rodeos and then. So, after I would go back to Utah, I'm going to Cody, WY for "Cody Nite Rodeo". It runs from June through the end of August, and costs me $25 for entry fee. They added only $100 for prize money, but what is important for me is I can get on a bull everyday. That's what I want to do. I'll set up camp out there for 2weeks or so, then I suppose to join PCBRA which based in Utah and go some PRCA Wilderness Circuit rodeos in summer. And I would like to join PBR again in 2007season.

Since I came back from U.S., I went to see my friends from high school days and got some new friends. Thank for having curiosity for bullriding and pump me up. I understand what they expect me for. As a professional sport, result is everything.

I will keep in touch through this web magazine, and hope to give you guys some good news. Thank you very much for reading this and see you somewhere down the road.

Jinichiro Shibahara 

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