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Chasing The Dream

Written by Jin'ichiro Shibahara

OCT 12, 2005  - Back in the States

     With limping my leg, I was in Calgary Airport. I stopped by money exchange to exchange Canadian dollar to American. The girl in the window has name tag "Noriko". Actually we were talking in English, then switched to Japanese when she figured out I'm Japanese. She is a kind of interesting girl and told me her story. She and her Canadian boy friend lives in Calgary, both used to do speed skating. I knew Japan National Team of Speed skating has summer camp in Calgary every year. Why Calgary? She said "There are no ice in Summer expect Calgary. And skate rink". We kept talking and I mentioned some of name like Tomomi Okazaki and Hiroyasu Shimizu who both are Olympic medalist. She said "Oh, Tomomi is my sempai and Hiroyasu and me went to same school. We know each other pretty well". What the heck???. I said "So you were in National Team?" She said "Yap, I was in Nagano". My goodness!! "Where are you goin'?" she said. "Salt Lake, Utah" I said. "Oh, we'll have World Cup in Salt Lake in next month. I'll give you tickets if you want?" I've never seen speed skating on live. "Sure, why not!!".  This is exactly something I didn't expect. And this is why I like traveling. If I didn't stop by that exchange spot, I couldn't see her. If it wasn't that time, maybe different clerk would be there. So I really thought "Wow, good thing happened to me today". A half hour later, I was ready to on bored my flight. I passed Custom and Immigration with no trouble and came back to Salt Lake, Utah. I have to take off next couple of weeks, which is boring. "Rest is more important than training" That's what I was told, so I better trust it.

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