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Chasing The Dream

Written by Jin'ichiro Shibahara

OCT 4, 2005  - I love Albeta Beef 2

     After the event, we had a country musician's live concert in the dome. We stayed little while and back to Ranchman's, again. This is the place to go on Saturday night, eh. When we arrived, the time was quoter after midnight, people lined up toward to a parking lot. Girls in front of the line told me they've been waiting to Get In for over an hour. We and Joe, a rodeo announcer, Scott Schiffner and his wife passed all of the line and got in. This place treat rodeo cowboys like celeb. In the bar, it was packed, jammed, loud, and there were no place to walk. We had to push away people to get in the spot. Too many people were there to drink, dance, play pool, get on bucking machine and chase girls or cowboys. I met some friends who I've met in last couple of years through bullriding. We just had fun. Even I couldn't walk well, I hung around with these guys. Me and friends left there around 3am. One thing you don't want to miss before leaving Ranchman's is to eat a hot dog. This hot dog is really good, actually it's called "smokey",  a foot long sausage. Like Japanese eat ramen after drunk, these guys eat hot dog after that. We went to back to Dale johansen's house and I cruhed his couch that night. My hamstring was pretty sore...
     Next day, I spent all day in his place, watched old bullriding video, like early 80's NFR, CFR and Calgary Stampede when Guy, Dale and Cody Snyder were riding. For classic rodeo fans, they will be happy with those names like Charley Sampson, Ted Nuce, Marty Staneart and Bobby Del Vecchio. In early 80's these guys are in prime time. And these guys were riding great, awesome. Dale told me lots of story of "behind the chute". One time Guy told me when he competed at the Olympic Rodeo in Calgary,1988. He won Canada 1987, so he represent Canada with another two. On the other hand, Team U.S.A. was Tuff Hedeman, Lane Frost and Ted Nuce. All of three became World Champion, before this time. I really want to watch this bullriding.
     Back to my story. I decided not to enter at Fort Wayne, IN. I called the PBR office and told them I'm gonna turn out. With doctor release, they don't charge me entry fee and fine. So I gotta go to see physiotherapist tomorrow afternoon. I also cancelled my flights from/to SLC and Fort Wayne. It was pretty tough decision, but I trust what I was told by the Sport Medicine Team. More than that, I want to heal this up as soon as possible. I could walk without cluths today and felt better. I'll be fine, I guess.
     This is my update.

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