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Chasing The Dream

Written by Jin'ichiro Shibahara

OCT 4, 2005  - I love Alberta Beef 1

     The Rocky Mountains are already covered by snow and we have frosty almost every morning. The low temperature is -1 to 2, high's is between 6-10. This is like winter in Tokyo, but Calgarian says this is Fall. In the e-mail I sent last time, I said "there's no chance to get in Calgary". On Friday afternoon, September 30th, I called the PBR office to ask some questions. My  biggest concerning was I still had a chance to get in Calgary. You could never imagine what happened. I got in, that was they said. What happened was I asked them to put my name on the list before I come up Canada, just in case. 'Cause I differently would be there, and I knew some guys in the list wouldn't show up. During entry days and the date of event, some guys turned out. I was replacement for Mike Moore who qualified National Finals Rodeo a couple of times and injured his groin in PRCA Extreme Event Reno, NV on Thursday. Anyway I was one of the luckiest man in Canada.

     Friends of mine came to pick me up and we went to the Pengworth Saddle Dome, the home of Calgary Flames of NHL. The PBR in Saddle Dome is the biggest PBR event in Canada. And this was my first time in Saddle Dome. I got Barid/Sherenberg's bull Depty Dog, big red, strong bull, come out from left hand side deriverly. We had good nice bulls this night, not only Barid/sherenberg, also  Girlets and Bystrome. As bullriders, we had Mark Ward, Dave Samsel, Reuben Geleynse, Cory Navrre, Brian Canter and Alberta owned Scott Schiffner. In my opinion, we didn't have best Canadian bullriders in this time. In same weekend, we had big CPRA rodeo in Sasktoon, Sasakatchewan, but we still had good American bullriders like Beau Hill who also has qualified NFR a couple of times, and a Canadian Ian Mckay who rode legendary Little Yellow Jacket once in 2003.

     I was in 1st Section. He was in the chute so I tied up my rope as soon as opening ceremony as done. My turn has come. He jumped out the chute, kept jumping twice, he turned right, which is "wipe my hand".I practiced this in Guy's bucking machine. I followed him once, And his second spin to the right, my weight and ass shifted to left,I had to stop my free arm on shoulder line, but it went too far little bit, and that was too late to put my body back to the proper position. I bucked off. I tried what I could. But the bull is still stronger than me. A veteran Canadian Dale Palmentier won 1st round, we come back on Saturday night, too. But before that, we had to have a party at Ranchman's, as usual... This was Friday night, why not?

     If you've been or will be in Calgary, and love rodeo cowboys, you must go to Ranchman's. This is it. They had beers, chased girls and made new friends until it closed at 2am. But most of guys stayed till bouncers and security guys yelled us, "Let's go home!!'. Cops always waited in front of the door for "Don't drink and drive" but we have to take the car to come up here and go to home as well, so most of time they were checking fights in parking lot. And it happened that night. I drove to a friend of mine's place and crushed in a couch. I didn't drink that night, I was a designated driver.

     On Saturday, me and my friend are lazy. We didn't wake up till noon. Then I took shower, had  breakfast, watched bullriding video, took nap and changed cloths to ready to go. We joined Dale Johansen's family for early supper. Dale is a Guy's brother, 2 time Canadian Champ, 2 time Calgary Stampede $50,000 winner and 4 time NFR qualifier. Anyway, we had supper and went to the Saddle Dome. This time I had another Barid/Scheremberg's bull Dirty Devil, a red brahma, narrow sholder with small hump. He wasn't skinny but smaller than Depty Dog. Cody Snyder who is 1983 World Champion bullrider and the event promoter changed bulls. We had Barid/Scermberg, Girletz, Big Stone and Elli Scolli. I like Elli's bulls. He bring always good bulls, like Gunsmoke and Reckless. (Jerry got on Gunsmoke 2 years ago in PCB event, he through Jerry off like a helicopter, remember Jerry and Jake???)  Anyway we had good bulls that night, too.

     I was in 1st section, again. He was already in the chute of left hand side, so I tied my rope. Me and some guys didn't join the opening ceremony, 'cause we had to ready. My turn has come. He jumped out twice and turn back to left and started to spin left, which is "into my hand". This case, I have to lock my elbow of riding arm and left leg so tight and move free arm from down to up. To keep proper position, I have to keep away from dropping the well. I followed one spin and kind a bad thing happened. When I dropped my free arm to bring back my body, I found the gap between my rope and ass. Which is not good. I tried put my body back (Dale told me I did once), but he just kept spin with little kick, and my weight shifted to right hand side. I slided down, like 100 degree on right side of  bull's body, my left spur was still digged in his left side. I felt something in my left leg. I stayed with him another spin and finally I bucked off. He was still jumping and kicking, I saw his berry. I got up and tried to escape. My left leg didn't follow me, I felt strong pain and hamstring came off. When I reached fences, I couldn't stand up. Bullfighters kept me away from the bull, and members of Canadian Sport Medicine Team showed up to help me. I couldn't talk due to pain so they got my shoulders and took me off from the arena. I couldn't walk by myself. 10minutes after the ride, I was in the Sport Medicine room and they checked my hamstring. I couldn't lift my foot to backwards on the bed. They put lots of ices on it and told me this is significantly tored my hamstring. It's like "Niku-banare", but it's worse. I was on the bed a half hour and back to the arena to see rest of the show with clutchs. As the event, Scott Schiffner won it. There were many good bullriding as scores, but I missed almost the show though I still saw Short Go. I was told by the team I must take reat, I can't even walk in next couple of weeks. But I got a draw in Fort Wayne, IN on next Saturday, its 8th. What do I have to do???

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