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Chasing The Dream

Written by Jin'ichiro Shibahara

SEP 23, 2005

     Here's a news. there's no chance to get in Calgary. Only 40 guys for spot and 2-header, like BFTS, 9 guys in alternate so far. However, I got a draw in Fort wayne, IN on Oct 8th. Which is next day when I return to SLC, so I'll have to take another flight to get there in the morning on 8th. Why, Indianna? A good friend of mine from college days moved to Indianna due to his job. I thought this is a good chance to see each other for first time in 6months or so. Unfortunately, he won't be there that weekend, he said. Oh, well. "Once you got a draw, you got to go". So would I.

     That's my update today. I'm leaving tomorrow evening. See ya.

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