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Chasing The Dream

Written by Jin'ichiro Shibahara

SEP 16, 2005 - Oregon Trail

     2 weeks ago, I was #11 in alternate list of the PBR event of Pendleton, OR. Then in last week I jumped up to 10, 8 and 5 on saturday. I took a greyhound bus to Pendleton on sunday night, it was almost midnight. It took 13 hours and some, I arrived there, the home of Pendleton Round Up. The Round Up kick started on its 14 on Wednesday and is going through its 17th. PBR had event on Monday and Tuesday, 12 and 13. I was #1 in alternate on Monday afternoon. Bullriding started at 8pm. But I could get in 3hours before. 2 guys didn't show up. I had an Ike Sankey's bull named Sanchos. Black and white bull, not too big. I didn't talk to Ike about what he does before ride. At this time, I dare didn't. Once I had an information about bull, I started to think. But bulls changes action every single time. Those information means nothing. They just buck, turn, spin or whatever it takes. As a result, 3seconds. From left side deriverly, turn back and span left so quickly, it was like a same type of bull I got on 2nd round in Sturgis. But I felt so good!! I mean when he jumped out the chute, I felt he's going to left which is my "Into my hand". I followed him. Then I felt he kept to going to left and started spin. These bulls can spin 360 degrees in 1.5seconds, in my opinion. I covered once, I dropped my free arm to bring it high, I saw my right knee. Oops. I tried my right foot back to proper position which is front of my bull rope. it was too late. My right foot came off, he kicked me out to right side. I hung up, he stepped on inside of my left leg, thigh and calf, twice. Joe Bangertner saved me.  It was great, great bullriding event. Arena was whole packed by cloud. We had Adriano Moraes and his 2 brothers, Pauro Climber, Edgard Oliveila who is a rookie sensation from Brazil, Luke Snyder, Tator Porter, Mike Lee, Kody Lostroh who is another 19 years rookie, Mike Collins, Troy Dunn, Cory Melton, Scott Sciffner a Canadian and Calgary Stampede champ, Dave Samsel, Gilbert Calliro, Wiley Peterson, Chad Denton, Sevi Toutoro and so on.

     After the event, we went to a bar and drunk, danced and played pool on both nights. Chad Denton and Cord McCoy who is 2003 IPRA champ gave me a place to sleep on Monday night and I left Pendleton on 5am Wednesday morning for another 14hors bus ride. This year's Round Up, they featured "Samurai Worrior from Haramachi-City, Japan". I coudn't see it, but it's gonna be fun, too. Both cities has sister city rerationship. I-84 is almost same route as Old Oregon Trail in frontier era. It was nice seenic route. Oregon is beautiful state, too. I called PBR office this morning, they said I couldn't get draw in Calgary event on Sep 30-Oct 1.

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