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Canada Bull Riding Champion 1987
Name: Guy Johansen
Nation: Albarta, Canada
Events: Bull Riding
Association: CPRA/PRCA
Currently: Retire

1987 - Canada Bull Riding Champion

- How did you get started in rodeo?ガイ・ジョハンセン ブルライディング
My dad.  He (Dad) wanted to but parents wouldn't let him.
- What made you decide on BR? Did you try other events?
Tried BB and roped some calves.  Indoor arena at home too small for anything but bulls.
- When and where was your first rodeo?
Calgary stampede 1970.
- What was your most memorable rodeo?
CFR 1987.
- What was your most memorable ride?
Denver 1988 Bull that had just been to NFR, not many coved, but I did.
- What was your most memorable bull?
- How did you prepare for a ride?  What was your prep routine?
Couldn't do same thing all the time; some times you pull up just in time, other times a day ahead.  Tried to keep it simple.  Get mind going.  BRder doesn't get second chance.
- What are some of your pet-peeves in preparing to ride?  (i.e. Handle must be here on bull's back, etc…)
Not really.  Didn't like lots of guys by the chute.
- What were some of your pet-peeves concerning your equipment?  What did you look for in a good rope?
If things weren't going well, not afraid to change.  Would try new rope if need to.  If going good, change nothing.  45 degree spurs.
- Tell me about the rodeo event or ride you are most proud of.
Last ride at CFR when I won Canadian.
- Who did you aspire to be like?
John Dodds.
- What made you think you could make it in the pros?
When I was 15, I just kind of new.  I had been riding bulls since 13.
- What sort of things did you do in order to secure sponsors?
When I rode, not many cowboys had sponsors.  I was lucky to have a night club in Calgary sponsor entry fees and memberships.
- Who were some of your traveling partners over the years?  How did you become traveling partners with them?
Brothers (4 older all pro, all Canadian champs except one) Morgan Hullbrook, friend from school Near the end with Cody Snyder and Dan Lawry  Guys rodeoing hard, I wanted to ride hard and we lived close together.
- What goals did you have? Did you achieve them?
Wanted to win Canada, so yes.  I wish I set higher, like NFR, but main goal was winning Canada.
- Did you ever doubt your ability to go on?  When & why?  How did you overcome it?
In 1987 summer, that spring dislocated shoulder, came back it was bothering me, wasn't having much fun.  Gate man in Musula Montana said "have fun boys" I realized I wasn't having fun.  To ride bulls you have to have fun.  From there I won second and finished off year pretty well.
- What was your worst injury?
Dislocated shoulder.ガイ・ジョハンセン ブルライディング
- Did you ever rodeo against doctor’s advice?  Why?
- What bull was your greatest challenge?
Probably best bull was Pacific Bell by Don Russell.
- To you, what makes a good bull?  What would be a bad bull?
A good bull is one that you would win on.  A bad bull is one you have no chance to win any money on, and it wants to hurt you.
- When did you retire, and what made you decide to do so?
1990 I wasn't having much fun, decided to go home and take a break, and I am still on my break.
- How many children do you have?  Are they all involved in rodeo?
3 boys and 2 girls. Boy just started riding steers, won his first rodeo (14).
- How did you feel when your son said he wanted to rodeo?
I think its great.  This is his first year.  Just because I rode, doesn't mean my son will ride.  If you push him, he will probably get hurt and not do good, so I just said if he wanted to I would help.  Helped with practice, he won first rodeo.
- Do you ever become worried about your son?
No, not really.  I have been teaching steer riding for 20 years, so he is lucky in that way.  If he listens and applies what I teach him, he should be okay.
- What expectations or hopes do you have for your son?
Do what he wants to do, don't get hurt, have fun.  He can only ride for him, I will help, but he has to want it bad enough.
- What do you think of rodeo today?
Bull riding is great.  What the bull rider have done in the past 10years is absolutely great  Mainly they are running it, not the stock contractors like rodeo.  They have done so well.  I have only been to 2 rodeos in 5 years, so I haven't been around rodeo much, but I go to lots of bullridings BRs will be making 3 or 4 million in 5 to 10 years.
- What advice would you give to a Japanese person who wants to start rodeoing?
Know you situation.  Come to NZ, AUS, CAN or US and hook up someone who knows what they are doing in the event they want to compete in.  Learn to crawl before going all out.  Learn to ride a horse, if riding bulls, find some quiet bulls to get the feel and experience ride armature and take it one step out a time. Going from not knowing how to ride to the top is hard because you never get to learn, you just keep getting tossed.


Guy Johansen

Guy's career began when he started riding steers when he was 8 years old.

1970 - Competed at the Calgary Stampede in Boys Steer Riding
1972-73 - Entered the Calgary Stampede Rodeo College
1974, 76 - Rodeo Royal Steer Riding Champion
1976 - Qualified for CFR in Steer Riding
1977 - FCA Steer Riding Champion
1979-81 - Qualified for FCA Finals in Bull Riding
1981 - Qualified for CCA Finals in Bull Riding
1981 - Qualified for National Armature Finals in Denver, CO
1987-89 - Qualified for CFR in Bull Riding
1987 - Canadian Bull Riding Champion
1988 - Competed as a member of Team Canada in the Olympic Exhibition Rodeo
held during the Calgary Winter Olympics
1982-1989 - Competes in 80-120 rodeos annually throughout Canada and the US
1992 - Elected Bull Riding Director, CPRA
2000 - Elected President of the Strathmore Agricultural Society (Rodeo


- Jointly produces Johansen Brothers Bull Riding Schools in Strathmore, AB. 
In charge of hiring stock contractors, bullfighters, announcers, judges,
secretaries, timers, labor, and pick-up men.

- Bull riding and steer riding instructor.  (Has taught in a wide range of
locations including Alberta, British Colombia, Saskatchewan, Australia and
New Zealand.)

- Professional Canadian Bullriders certified judge


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