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This is Rodeo! - The Events and Basic Rules of Rodeo -

Rodeo is not just bucking broncs and bulls, but is also comprised of many other events as well. Rodeo is the collective term used to refer to these sporting events as a whole. Each event has its own set of detailed rules, and it is our intent to give a brief overview of such rules here so you may derive greater enjoyment from watching rodeos.

Rodeo events fall into one of two categories: Riding Events (commonly called rough stock events) or Timed Events.

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Rough Stock

Rough Stock includes the dynamic but dangerous events of riding bucking bulls and broncs. So dangerous that on occasion some competitors loose their lives. Stock is the term used by rodeo people to refer to the livestock such as the bulls, broncs, calves and steers. You are judged and given a score if you are able to ride for the prerequisite 8 seconds, but disqualified and given no score if you are bucked-off before that time. You can also be disqualified if the hand you have in the air for balance (known as the "free hand") touches your body, the stock you are riding or your equipment, and there are various other rules to the events as well.

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Saddle Bronc Riding
An event where a bucking bronc is rode with a saddle for 8 seconds. When the 8 seconds has elapsed the rider's form and the horses' bucking and moves are judged for a score. It is the oldest event of rodeo.
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Bareback Riding
An event where a bucking bronc is rode without a saddle, but with a special rigging instead, for 8 seconds. When the 8 seconds has elapsed the rider's form and the horses' bucking and moves are judged for a score.
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Bull Riding
An event where one must ride a huge horned bucking beast for 8 seconds. When the 8 seconds has elapsed the rider's form and the horses’ bucking and moves are judged for a score. The dynamic way in which bulls buck and the excitement of the event make it the most popular in rodeo. Compared to broncs which typically only buck straight and up and down, bulls will spin to the right or left while they are bucking, making it very difficult to ride. This is also the most dangerous event in rodeo. Typically, bull riding is conducted at the end of a rodeo.
Codty Nite Rodeo Video (1July 2001) (530KB)
Bull Fighting
An event where a bullfighter (formerly known as rodeo clowns) faces off with a specially bred fighting bull and is scored on how close he can keep the bull to himself during the fight while maintaining control of the situation. With a short history and few rodeos featuring the event, it is not as well known as other events in rodeo. When it is featured at a rodeo, it is typically conducted last.

Timed Events

Timed Events are those events where competitors race to complete a task as fast as possible. This includes the roping and tying of claves and circling of barrels on horseback in a predetermined route. The circling of barrels is known as Barrel Racing, and can be seen in Japan at western equestrian competitions.

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Barrel Racing
An event where the object is to circle three barrels in a predetermined pattern in the shortest amount of time. Typically only females compete in the event at rodeos.
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Steer Wrestling
The object of this event is to leap from a galloping horse onto a steer and twist it's head so it falls to the ground and get all four legs pointing in the same direction in the shortest amount of time. The event is also known as Bull Dogging.
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Tie-Down Roping (Calf Roping)
The object in this event is to rope calf from the back of a horse, leave the horse and tie three of the calf's four legs in the shortest amount of time.
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Team Roping
In this event, one of two cowboys must rope a steer around the horns after which the other cowboy must rope both of the steers back legs in the shortest time possible.

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