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rodeo.jpgYou have probably seen cowboys riding wild horses and bulls on television at least once. That exciting, most cowboy-like of sports: That's rodeo!

Born of the cowboys daily work, rodeo has become a sport which epitomizes the United States and is conducted through out that country. There are many a professional rodeo cowboys who make their living off of the money won at such rodeos and are heroes to many. Rodeo is a sport that requires physical strength, balance and a high level of skill, much more than just a simple "gut check". Even the basic rules of this sport are unknown throughout Japan. There are many detailed rules to the sport, and is not "he who stays on the longest wins".

Rodeo is not only riding broncs and bulls, but is comprised of many different events such as the roping of calves and others. Contrary to popular belief, the riding of bucking broncs or bulls by themselves does not constitute a rodeo. The term "Rodeo" is a comprehensive term used to mean many separate events, much like the term "Olympics" and only when you have several events do you have a rodeo.

I would hope that the next time you visit the US, you will view rodeo as a sport. In doing so, I am sure you will experience a new kind of America you have not experienced before. Just having a brief understanding of the events and their rules will put a whole new twist on the way you view the sport and will definitely improve your enjoyment of it as well. As such, it is my hope that this page will help you in bettering your understanding of this sport.

Watching Rodeo

FAQ of rodeo

This is Rodeo!
- basic rule of rodeo events -

Big Names in Rodeo

The World of Pro Rodeo

Japanese Rodeo Cowboys

Rodeo in Japan
Wild East Rodeo in Okinawa (19 June 1999)


  Guy Johansen
  - Canadian Bull Riding Champion -

  Will Lowe
  - World Bareback Champion (2 times) -

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Special Thanks to:

OBRA (Okinawa Bull Riding Association)
An organization formed to promote the sport of rodeo and bull riding on Okinawa. Obsoluted.
BRJ (Bull Riding Japan)
An organization centered around the Kansai Region formed to promote rodeo and bull riding aboard Japan proper. They currently conduct bi-monthly buck-outs in Nara Prefecture near Osaka in Japan. Closed in 2015.

Written by Masaji Munekuni
Tanslated by Randy Reese

Mechanical Bull in Japan!

Mechanical Bull
ZEST Cantina

A mechanical bull in Tokyo? Yes it's true. ZEST, a bar and grill in Ebisu District of Tokyo is home to a bucking, spinning, wild fiber glass pseudo-bull reminiscent of John Travolta's hit movie, "Urban Cowboy". It should be noted however, the movements of a "mechanical bull" are completely different from that of an actual bovine (bull) and while it is entertaining, it is ONLY entertaining, and would serve absolutely no purpose at all as a practice platform for riding the real thing; riding one of these will do nothing to improve your ability to ride a real bull. However, if you are interested in experiencing the pseudo-thrill without having to worry about the bull coming after you when you fall, contact ZEST.

ZEST Cantina
Phone: 03-5475-6291
Address: 1-22-19 Ebisu, Sibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Open: 11:30am - 5:00am 7 days a week

Rodeo Nite - Sundays 9:00pm

ZEST is a fairly large establishment with a Western feel. You can ride the mechanical bull for free every Sunday during RODEO NITE - however, only the first 10 to sign up will get to ride, so get there early. Prizes are given to the winners each night. We recomand you ask them to have the rodeo nite on the day. You cannot ride it when they're chartered.

Western World
Phone: 098-937-3744
Address: 3169 Noborikawa, Okinawa-shi, Okinawa, Japan.
Open: Fridays and Saturdays 5:00pm - 1:00am
Fee: 4 dallers or 500 yen (US Daller is also available inside)

Mechanical Bull Riding fee: 5 dallers or 500 yen

Western World has huge dacing floor where you can dance with country music. You can ride mechanical bull any time if you want by paying 5 dallers or 500 yen a ride.

Written by Masaji Munekuni
Tanslated by Randy Reese

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