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Websites gives you country music on line

Apple  (Japanese) (English)
You can buy and listen to country music for 20 sec at iTunes Music Sotre. But you can only buy Japanese site with Japanese credit card. They have few country music at Japaese site.
CMT (English)
Country Music Television. You can listen to country music and watch music video at this site.
Country 105 (CKRT FM) (English)
Site of radio of country in Calgary, Canada. You can listen to live radio by clicking "LISTEN" button.
Toshibo's Web Radio (Japanese) (English)
Internet radio of music including country music and bluegrass from Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan. (English)
You can listen to country music. Click "Music Video" on the left top. Select "Country" in Music Videos.
Yahoo! Music Videos (English)
You can watch country music video.

Country Music General

Chili Beans  (Japanese)
Bigget Country Music information site in Japan.
Country Boy's Field (Japanese) 
Fan page of country music.
Country Gold (Japanese)
Official site of largest country music fair in Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan in every October. They invite many country music artists from USA.
Live Info (Japanese)
Live music event infomation all in Japan.
Young Country (Japanese)
Country music band in Miyazaki, Japan.

Country Music Artists in Japan

Cotton Cradle (Japanese) (English)
Country music, country rock, country swing and other American music band in Kyushyu.
The Country Club (Japanese)
Country music banad Hatukaishi, Hiroshima, Japan.
The Rodeo Clown (Japanese)
Cuntry Music Band in Tokyo, Japan.
Yuki Miyamae (Japanese)
Famous woman Country Music singer in Japan.

Country Music Artists (Ouside Japan)

Aaron Kantor (English)
Country Music artist in Nashville. You can buy his music at
Chris LeDoux (English)
Greatest country music artist. He is bearback champion.

Country Dance and Country Line Dance

Dancing Appaloosa  (Japanese)
A group of country line dace. They produced a video of line dancing.;
Dancin' Texas  (Japanese)
A group of country line dance. Natsuko Grace has more than 10 classes in Tokyo, Japan.
Hammy's Joyful Steps   (Japanese) New!
Hamm's coutry line dancing site.
Happy Country Dancin'   (Japanese) (English)
A bigget site of country line dance and country dance in Japan.
Nagoya Crazy Feet'  (Japanese) (English)
A group of counrty line dance.
Y & Y Club Dance  (Japanese)
A group of country dance
Western Shops, Horseback Riding Club and Saloon in Japan
Western Shops in Japan
Horseback Riding Clubs in Japan
Saloons in Japan Bars and Retaurant where you can listen to country music

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