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Showmanship one Each competitor's horse is judges as the horse is led in a set pattern through the arena.  Horses are trimmed from withers to tail, and prettied up with a silver halter for accent.  The competitors (handlers) also dress in fancy clothing.  The judges are looking to see how well the horse has been trained to obey the handler, as well as how the handler shows the horse.

You may think that leading the horse would make this an easy event, but you must run where you are to run, and stop where you are to stop, and have to do all of it leading the horse, and it can be very difficult.

While standing still, it is required that the horse stand with all four of their legs properly aligned.  When running, it must appear as though the horse is running with you, and not being pulled along.

Showmanship two When the judge comes to judge the horse, the handler will move so they do not interfere with the judge, but the horse is to stand still, and not move around uneasily. 

These simple matters, though appear easy, are quite difficult when you actually try them.  You may find riding to be easier than leading them.

Showmanship Pattern

  1. WALK from A
  2. Switch to JOG at B
  3. Switch to WALK at C
  4. SHOW to JUDGE
  5. 270 degree turn to the right at JUDGE's instruction
  6. Exit arena in a WALK

Competitors do not mount, but perform all tasks by leading the horse only.
Example of Showing Pattern (May differ according to competition)

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