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Little Known Facts About Western Clothing

The Reason for Big Buckles

On the front of Western saddles is a protruding object known as a 'horn' or 'dally post'. Cowboys would use this to secure the ends of their ropes after roping a steer, thus ensuring that the steer did not pull the rope out of their hands, burning their palms in the process, or worse, loosing a good rope.  During the rough and tough of moving cattle on horse-back, it is very easy to loose your balance and fall forward, subsequently busting your gut on the horn; the large buckles prevent this.

Today, the victor of a Western Horse Show, or a Rodeo is often given what is known as a trophy-buckle with the event they competed in, and often their names engraved in it.

Why are the tips of Cowboy boots so pointy?

This is to make it easier to get your foot into the stirrup. There are different degrees to the sharpness of the point, such as Pointed, Medium, Round, and so on.

What are all those strings hanging down?

The strings seen hanging from deer-hide shirts/pants, or chaps, are called 'fringes'. Water can be very damaging to leather, and therefore, it is best to wipe any part of leather that may have become wet, as soon as possible. Fringes act as a run-off for any water or rain that may come into contact with the leather, and helps to rid the leather of as much water as possible.

There are many things such as these, which at first glance seem nothing more than lavish decorations, but turn out to serve a very practical purpose. 

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