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Originally, cloths worn by cowboys were done so for work.

The clothing was practical and functional.  The clothing and gear was also wild, yet had a polished beauty to it. Much of the equipment was refined until it became some of the best fitted for horseback, as well as the work done there. At the same time, a cowboy's personal touch can often be seen through close examination of the detail of the equipment. Though at times, items such as fringes and large buckles may seem nothing more than elaborated declarations, examination can show how they and all else actually serve a very practical purpose.

In other words, western wear is the ultimate outdoor clothing.

Today, western clothing is worn not only by the horse or cattle rancher, but has become a widely accepted part of American fashion. Of course, country musicians are known for wrapping themselves in western apparel, but western clothing has also become an accepted form of formal dress, in fact, more and more people are preferring the clean-jean look, more than the muddy-boots look it originated from. It is said in Japan that western fashion is forever unchanging, but it should be noted that western fashion has undergone significant changes since the days of the shoot'm-up-westerns, and in fact, it even has fads in its own right. Keep in mind, the hats and boots worn today, are nothing like those which appear in the ol' westerns.

Furthermore, even the fashion and type of western wear preferred differs between the Cowboys that raise livestock and the Rodeo Cowboy, as well as between Country Musicians, Country Dance lovers and city folk.

So here, I will explain such matters and differences, as well as introduce locations where these items may be acquired. I don't wish to limit my presentation to only western apparel, but will include other tools utilized by the American Cowboy, as well as equine and other equipment too. And thus, I have taken the liberty of calling this section of my page, "Cowboy Gear."

Little Known Facts About Western Clothing

Why are western belt-buckles so big? Is it wrong to refer to all western hats as "ten-gallon" hats? And other little known facts of western wear...

The Proper way of wearing today's Western Wear

In Japan, when you mention "western apparel" people tend to think of costumes in the old westerns. Here, I will show how today's western apparel is worn in everyday life.

Cowboy Gear

A look into the tools used by the American Cowboy and equine equipment.

Cowboy Hats (Japanese)
Jeans (Japanese)

Places for Acquiring Western Apparel

An introduction to places where western apparel and goods may be acquired.
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Western Apparel Shop List in Japan
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