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Cody Nite Rodeo

They have rodeo every night in Cody in Summer. It's rather small, I guess, the stadium is big. They seem to have quite big rodeo once in year in July.  Cody Nite Rode's homepage

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rodeo_01.jpg (21425 バイト) rodeo_02.jpg (26916 バイト) rodeo_03.jpg (30113 バイト) rodeo_04.jpg (26878 バイト)

rodeo_05.jpg (21675 バイト) rodeo_06.jpg (29778 バイト) rodeo_07.jpg (26175 バイト) rodeo_08.jpg (28711 バイト)

rodeo_09.jpg (29418 バイト) rodeo_10.jpg (21877 バイト) rodeo_11.jpg (22095 バイト) rodeo_12.jpg (27339 バイト)

rodeo_13.jpg (30596 バイト) rodeo_14.jpg (12987 バイト) rodeo_15.jpg (24371 バイト) rodeo_16.jpg (24888 バイト)

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