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Photo Gallery for Cowboys and Western
Photo Gallery of Ms. Yoko Kobayashi (August 2008)
Photo collection of Ms. Yoko Kobyashi, Professional Photographer.
Makoto Sekido, A Japanese Bull Rider (September 2004)
Photos of Japanese bull rider in USA, Makoto "Mac" Sekido
Western Travels '99 (August 1999)
Report of traveling in Wyoming, USA. Guest ranch, Rodeo, Museum, Western apparel shops and much more!
Wild East Rode in Okinawa (19 Jun 1999)
Real Rodeo, Bull Riding in Okinawa, Japan by Okinawa Bull Riding Association at Western World.
NWHF Western Festival in Kyushu'98 (7-8 Nov 1998)
Western horseback riding competition of Nippon Western Horseman Federation in Kyushu, Japan. Web master had competed, too.

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