EVENT INFO for Cowboys
Nov 20 (Fri), 2009
Country music concert.
WHEN: Nov 20th (Fri), 2009 OPEN 6:00am START 6:30pm
WHERE: Tiara Koutou small hall (2-28-36 Sumiyoshi Koutou-ku, Tokyo, Japan) TEL 03-3635-5500
APPEARANCES: Shintaro Ishida and City lights, MIya Ishida(Vo), Special Guest: Hiroshi Kurosawa(Vo)
PRICE: ¥4,500 (¥4,000 in advance)  Reserved seats only
CONTACT: Teraon TEL 045-662-2121
Nov 23 (Mon), 2009
An western event at a racetrack. Country Music lives and dance, Gun Play, Mechanical Bull, Western Wear.
WHEN: Nov 23th (Mon), 2009 10:00am - 4:30pm
WHERE: Kasamatsu Racetrack (Gifu, Japan)
APPEARANCES: Country Band:King Zutokko Dokkoi Torio, THE AUS CITY LIMITS / Dnace: Dancin' Cadillac / Gun Play: Mark Watanabe / Western Wear Shop: SOFT HOUSE TIPI
WEB: http://www.kasamatsu-keiba.com/2009/10/1123_1.html (Japanese)
Dec 3 (Thu) - 12 (Sat), 2009
Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR)
The annual apex of the season of PRCA(Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) in Las Vegas that will decide the champions of the sport.  The top 15 money winning cowboys of this year from each event will compete for 10 days for the greatest honor for a cowboy, the crown of World Champion.  All seats are reserved, and already sold out, but you can still purchase them through a ticket or travel agency.  Cost is about $250 per seat in Plaza. balcony about $100. Gold buckle about $420.
During the duration of the event, thousands of western related shops will open displays at the convention site, and it would take you several days to see them all.  Also, big name country artists will be in concert at many of the hotels in Las Vegas as well.
WHEN: Dec 3(Thu) - 12(Sat), 2009, 6:45pm - 9:30pm / Last day 12:45pm - 3:00pm
WHERE: Thomas & Mac Center (Las Vegas, USA)
WEB: www.prorodeo.com (English)
Dec 13 (Sun), 2009
Honky Tonk Party with dancing. Gunman will appear, too.
WHEN: Dec 13(Sun), 2009, 2:00pm - 5:00pm
WHERE: La Boemia (4-2-10 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan)
FEE: ¥6,500 (¥6,000 in advance) including free drink and meal for 2 hours.
WEB: http://hammy.ciao.jp/ (Japanese)
25th(Sun) October 2009
Country Party 2009 fall in Shinshu
Country Party with live music and dancing by Country Cafe and Komagane Kogen Resort Linx. Each band will have 40-50 mins. Ask them for accommodations.
They also have an eve party at Country Cafe from 5:00om to 9:00pm on 24th (Sat) Oct.
NOTE: No chair so bring your seet for your sitting down on grass if you want but not any style of chair. You cannot bring food and drink into there because they will sell insde.
WHEN: 25th(Sun) October 2009, 10:00am - 4:00pm
WHERE: Open Stage (or hotel in case of rain) in Komagane Kogen Resort Linx (Nagano, Japan) MAP
APPEARING: Peach Boys (Bluegrass) from Suwa / Ous City Limits (Country) from Nagoya / Trouble No More (Country) from Shizuoka / Bronc & Inax Brothers (Country) from Komagane
CONTACT:Country Cafe (TEL. 0265-81-1166) in Komagane Kogen Resort Linx
WEB: www.rakuten.co.jp/countrycafe (Japanese)
Apr 18 (Sun)
Country Music Live with dancing in a large floor.
WHEN: 2010年 4月18日(日) Open 10:00am 11:00am - 5:00pm
WHERE: Sun Arena (4383-4 Asakumacho, Ise-shi, Mie, Japan)
FEE: ¥5,000 (¥4,000 in advance) on 1st dance floor      
                  ¥3,000 (¥2,000 in advance) at seat on 2nd floor
APPEARANCES: Floyd Vanlaningham & Space Mountain Cowboys, Sanae Yaguchi & Groovin' Country, Fools Silver, EverGreen Hill
SPONCER: COUNTRY HEAVEN Ise executive committee
CANTACT: Executive committee: 4383-4 Asakumacho, Ise-shi, Mie, Japan
                  TEL: 0596-22-7700 / FAX: 0596-22-7710
WEB: http://www.sun-arena.or.jp/country/(Japanese)
Oct 30(Fri) - Nov 1(Sun), Nov 5(Thu) - 8(Sun)
2009 PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals
Bull Riding Finals by PBR (Professional Bull Riders, Inc).
PBR produces events that feature only bull riding and are devoid of the other traditional rodeo events. Unlike the PRCA which is a non-profit organization, the PBR is an incorporated entity. The organization was formed when 20 of the top bull riders in the world at the time led by Tuff Hedeman, dissatisfied with the amount of prize money being awarded to bull riders in return for the high level of danger they endure, contributed a thousand dollars each to form an organization that produced only bull riding events. With a tour comprised of over 30 cities and their own major corporate sponsors, the PBR has succeeded in making superstars out of bull riders and awarding prize money in amounts yet unheard of in the sport of rodeo or bull riding. Formed in 1992, the PBR achieved a level of success which would see it equal to the PRCA in both size and popularity in a mere four years (the PRCA was formed in 1952). Since the organization specializes in bull riding, naturally the level of both riders and the bulls they ride is much higher in the PBR than it is in the PRCA and as such, for bull riders today, it is more difficult to become the world champion in the PBR than it is in the PRCA, not to mention the fact that the PBR title carries more clout.
WHEN: Oct 30(Fri) - Nov 1(Sun), Nov 5(Thu) - 8(Sun)
WHERE:Thomas & Mac Center (Las Vegas, USA)
WEB: www.pbrnow.com  (English)
Oct 18(Sun), 2009
Country Gold
Country Gold is Japan's largest country festival held every October since 1989.  It is a world famous concert event which brings top professional country artists to Japan from the United States.  With attendance in the tens of thousands, it is a central event for the Western world in Japan.  There are no fixed seatings at the event with sitting or standing on the grass being the only means of enjoying the concerts, so getting in early and grabbing a good spot is essential.  There are various booths nearby selling food and merchandise, and even an area where you can enjoy the music while having a nice Bar-B-Q.  Gates open at 12, but most begin lining up before 9:00am in order to secure the best seating.
WHEN: Oct 18(Sun), 2009 OPEN 9:00am START 12:00pm - 6:30pm
WHERE: Aspecta (Green pier Minami-Aso) (TEL 09676-7-1161) (Kumamoto, Japan)
CONTACT: Country Gold Information (096-359-2735)
WEB: www.countrygold.net (Japanese) (English)
Cowboy Action Shooting
24th(Sat) October 2009
2009 JCSN SHOOTING CIRCUIT Cowboy Shooting - Final Stage
3rd Cowboy Action Shooting Competition by JCSN in 2009, shooting baloons with plastic small bullets mounted a horse. They are only group for cowboy action shooting in Japan. You can use your own gun or club's gun. You need a glasses to entry.
WHEN: 24th(Sat) October 2009  10:00am - 4:00pm
WHERE: Western Riding Club Rocky (Shizuoka, Japan) MAP
PRICE: Free for watching / Entry fee: ¥5,000 for a member / ¥8,000 for non-member, including lunch
CONTACT: JCSN in Rocky (TEL.0550-88-1123)
WEB: jcsn.jp/info091024.htm (Japanese)
Photo Exhibition
May 4(Mon) - 31(Sun), 2009
Bull's Year
Photo Exhibition of Bull RIding by Yoko Kobayashi.
WHEN: May 4(Mon) - 31(Sun), 2009
WHERE: "Saijiki" 5-18-9 Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan (TEL: 03-3391-9908)
WEB: http://www.yoko-blueplanet.com/
July 3(Fri) - 12(Sun), 2009
Calgary Stampede
Large Rodeo in Canada.
WHEN: July 3(Fri) - 12(Sun), 2009
WHERE: Calgary, Canada
WEB: http://calgarystampede.com/
July 18(Sat) - 26(Sun), 2009
CFD / Cheyenne Frontier Days
Large Rodeo in USA, .called The Daddy of 'em All.
WHEN: July 18(Sat) - 26(Sun), 2009
WHERE: Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
WEB: http://www.cfdrodeo.com/
Apr 25 (Sat), 2009
Dance party with country live music.
WHEN: Apr 25 (Sat), 2009 Open:10:00am 11:00am-5:00pm
WHERE: Sun Arena (4383-4 Asakuma-cho, Ise-shi, Mie, Japan)
PRICE: Seats at Dance Floor (1st floor) ¥5,000, 2nd floor ¥4,000(Seats at Dance Floor (1st floor) ¥4,000, 2nd floor ¥3,000 in advance)
CONTACT: TEL:0596-22-7700 FAX:0596-22-7710
WEB: http://www.sun-arena.or.jp/country/
Horse Show
May 23 (Sat), 24(Sun) 2009
NCA Western Fair 2009 Spring
Horse show by Nother Cowboy Association. Reining, Stocksheet Metal, Trail Class, Barrel Racing.
Kid's rodeo(Sheep riding), Sheep dog show, Western goods shop, etc.
WHEN: May 23 (Sat), 24(Sun) 2009 START 9:00am / Party 23(Sat) 6:30pm
WHERE:D-J Ranch (22 Dai-ichi-kisen, Iwanai, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido, Japan)
PRICE: Free for watching / 2,500 yen for party
SPONSER: Northern Cowboy Association
WEB: coming soon (in April)
Cowboy Action Shooting
18th(Sat) April 2009
2009 JCSN SHOOTING CIRCUIT 1st Stage Cowboy Shooting
Cowboy Action Shooting Competition first time in 2009. Shooting baloons with plastic small bullets mounted a horse. They are only group for cowboy action shooting in Japan. You can use your own gun or club's gun. You need a glasses to entry.
WHEN: 18th(Sat) April 2009  10:00am - 4:00pm
WHERE: Western Riding Club Rocky (1381-1 Nakahata, Gotenba, Shizuoka, Japan) MAP TEL.0550-88-1123
PRICE: Free for watching, Entry fee: ¥5,000 for a member, ¥8,000 for non-member, including lunch
CONTACT: JCSN in Rocky TEL.0550-88-1123
WEB: http://jcsn.jp/info090418.htm
Mar 3(Tue) - 22(Sun), 2009
Houston Live Stock Show & Rodeo
Large Rodeo in USA
WHEN: Mar 3(Tue) - 22(Sun), 2009
WHERE: Houston, Texas, USA
WEB: http://www.hlsr.com/
Feb 21 (Sat), 2009
JWRA 2009 New Year Party
Party by JWRA(Japan Western Riding Association).
WHEN: Feb 21 (Sat), 2009
WHERE: Dina Gyang II (3-8-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan TEL: 03-5427-7121)
WEB: http://www.jwra.gr.jp/renew/090101.html
Feb 5 (Thu) - 22(Sun), 2009
San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
Large Rodeo in USA.
WHEN: Feb 5 (Thu) - 22(Sun), 2009
WHERE: San Antonio, Texas, USA
WEB: http://www.sarodeo.com/

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