EVENT INFO for Cowboys
AUG 3(Sat)
Movie "The Hired Hand" Road Show
The movie "The Hired Hand" is going to be showing at Cine Saison Shibuya(The Prime 6th floor), Tokyo, Japan. Peter Fonda has made it as the director and its starring in 1971 after his success of "Easy Riders".
This movie is Director's version which is remade with technique of Digital Remaster Print. No VTR, Road Show only.
Homepage "The Hired Hand"(Japanese)
            Picture: Copyright(C) 2002 Crest International Inc. All rights reserved.
WHEN: August 3 (Sat) -
WHERE:Cine Saison Shibuya(The Prime 6th floor), Tokyo, Japan and all around in Japan one by one.
Teatol Umeda(Osaka, Japan): 5-25 October
Cine Libre Kobe:2 - 15 November
Kyoto Minami Kaikan: the second half of November
Kichijyouji Baus Theater(Tokyo) F30 November - 13 December
Asakusa Chuou(Tokyo): 17 - 23 December
DEC 21 (Sat) - 23 (Man), 2002
JWRA / JRHA Circuit Finals
The All Japan Western Championship 2002
This is the largest horse show in western style in Japan, sponsored by JWRA (Japan Western Riding Association) the The largest association of western horseback riding. This is also JRHA (Japan Reining Horse Association) finals.
WHEN: DEC 21(Sat) - 23(Man), 2002
WHERE: Miki Horse Land Park (phone: 0794-83-8110)
    Miki, Takagi, Beshyo-chou, Miki-city, Hyogo JAPAN
SPONSOR:Japan Western Riding Association
PRICE: No fee to watch
OCT 12(Sat), 2002 -
Movie "Texas Rangers" Road Show
Fight! In the name of justice!  Lawless Texas, 1875; the young would rise... 
Those legendary heroes of the West, the "Texas Rangers" are reborn!  Based on the true story of the rangers, this is a Western action film showcasing the tenacious and fearless spirit of those young men.The movie TEXAS RANGERS will open October 12th at Hibiya Sukaraza 2, as well as other nationwide Toho theaters.

The Texas Rangers have been featured in numerous movies, novels and television shows, and were also a key cause of the Western frenzy that occurred in 1950's Japan.  Now, almost a century and a half later, their bravery is brought to life on the silver screen once again.
For details of the film, please see their official site at:the Official site (Japanese)
Photos: Tohei Ado-Creative (used by permission)
WHEN: October 12(Sat) -
WHERE:Hibiya Sukaraza 2
DEC 6 (Fri) - 15 (Sun), 2002
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association
Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR) - in Las Vegas
The annual apex of the season in Las Vegas that will decide the champions of the sport.  The top 15 money winning cowboys of this year from each event will compete for 10 days for the greatest honor for a cowboy, the crown of World Champion. All seats are reserved, and already sold out, but you can still purchase them through a ticket or travel agency.  Cost is about $250 per seat in Plaza.
  During the duration of the event, thousands of western related shops will open displays at the convention site, and it would take you several days to see them all.  Also, big name country artists will be in concert at many of the hotels in Las Vegas as well.
WHEN: DEC 6(Fri) - 15(Sun), 2001  8:00pm - 10:00pm
WHERE: Tohmas&Mac Center, Las Vegas, NV; USA
OCT 12(Sat) - 13(Sun), 2002
2nd annual Osaka Stampede Rodeo
Mainland circuit of Okinawa Bull Riding Association will hold a big Rodeo, Bull Riding Competition in Osaka, Japan. They are only association having REAL rodeo in Japan. It is a rare chance to watch REAL bull riding in Japan. You can't miss it.
WHEN: OCT 12(Sat) - 13(Sun), 2002
             OPEN 14:00 START 15:00 - 18:00
             Country music party 12(Sat) START 18:00
              Apearing: WILD HORESE SURVIVAL
WHERE: Rody's Stable (0720-69-0035)
             1981-3 Tatsuma, Daitou-shi, Osaka, JAPAN
PRICE: ¥1,000.- including Panflet and 1 soft drink
                Party Male ¥1,500 / Female ¥1,000  Free food without drinks
SPONSER: Okinanawa Bull Riding Association

COUNTRY, Fast Draw and more
OCT 14 (Mon), 2002
1st annual Country Jamboree in Hirugano Homepage
Country live music, country dancing, western fashion show, horseback riding, fast draw,
 horseshoe drawing and more!
WHEN: Oct 14 (Mon), 2002
WHERE: Hirugano Kougen Skiing ground, Takasu-mura, Gujyou-gun, Gifuken, JAPAN
PRICE: ¥2,000 (¥1,500 in advance) per adult
               ¥1,500 (¥1,000 in advance) for 14 year-old or younger
OCT 20 (Sun), 2002
Country Gold 2002 Homepage(Japanese)
The largest country music festival in Japan. They hold it in every Octobar. Many country musicians from overseas. More than 10 thousands people will come to enjoy. It is also important as a place to get freinds who like country music and cowboy stuff.
WHEN: Oct 20 (Sun), 2002
WHERE: Aspecta (Green pier Minami-Aso) (TEL 09676-7-1161/ Kumamoto, Japan)
PRICE: ¥7,000 (¥6,000 in advance)
CONTACT: Country Gold Information (096-359-2735)
SPT 21(Sat) - 22(Sun), 2002
Country Music Stampede 2002
Big live Music invited country music singers from USA, having Grammy awards. They have Wester Village where you can enjoy BBQ, Rodeo with Bull Mechine, Fast Draw, Country Dance lessons.
Official Homepage (Japanese)
WHEN: Spt 21(Sat) - 22(Sun), 2002
WHERE: Hikarigaoka, Kougen, Itakura-cho, Nigata, Japan.
APPEARING :21(Sat) Yuki Miyamae, Hiroshi Mita, Edy Murata, Keiko Walker
                                    22(Sun) Charlie Daniels Bad, Rosanne Cash, T.G. Sheppard
PRICE: SS class seat (both days, reserved seat) / ¥10,000( 3000 seats onlyj Pre-sale only
                     Both day / ¥8,000iPre-sale onlyj
                     22 only / ¥8,000(Pre-sale 7,000)
                     21 only / ¥3,000(Pre-sale ¥3,500)
CONTACT: Kyodo-Tokyo 03-3498-9999
JUL 19 (Fri) - 28 (Sun), 2002
Cheyenne Fronteir Days (CFD)
One of a bigget rodeo in USA. You can enjoy the parade with frontier days. Homepage
WHEN: July 19 (Fri) - 28 (Sun)
WHERE: Cheyenne, USA
Horse Show 
JUL 27(Sat), 28(Sun), 2002
12th Yatsugatake Horse Show
A small western riding horse show with English riding. But it's rare to see western horse show in Japan.
DATA:July 27(Sat), 28(Sun)  8:00am-4:00pm
PLACE:Yamanashi Equestrian Arena (Kobuchizawa)
FEE: No fee to watch 
JUL 5 (Fri) - 14 (Sun), 2002
Calgary Stampede
A bigget rodeo in Canada. Stage coach racing is faous and great. You can see many cowboys and cowgirls everywhere in Calgary. Homepage
WHEN: July (Fri) - 14 (Sun), 2002
WHERE: Calgary, Canada
JUN 13 (Thu) - 16 (Sun), 2002
31th Fan Fair - Bigget Country music fastival
A big country music festival. Country music lover should go and listen. Homepage
WHEN: Jun 13 (Thu) - 16 (Sun)
WHERE: Nashville, USA
Tour from Japan: LONESTAR CLUB'S COUNTRY MUSIC TOUR 2002(Japanese)
JUN 15 (Sat), 16 (Sun), 2002
Wild East Rodeo 4
A big rodeo of Okinawa Bull Riding Association(OBRA). OBRA is only association about Bull Riding (Rodeo) in Japan. Homepage
WHEN: 15 (Sat), 16 (Sun), 2002
WHERE: Western World (Okinawa city, Japan)
CONTACT: Okinawa Bull Riding Assciation
Photo Gallary
Apr 4 - June 2, 2002
"Colorado Cowboy" - Arthur Elgort Photo Gallary
Photo Gallary of Arthur Elgort, Fashion photographer will be hold in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan. He took pictures of 'Rodeo Cowboy', especially Bruce Ford - rodeo champion. 28 monochrome photos and a movie film.
WHEN: Apr 4(Thu) - June 2(Sun), 2002 1:00pm - 6:30pm Close: Wednesday
WHERE: Art Photo Site Gallary (6-20-29 Shimo-meguro, meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
Walk for 15 mins from Gakugeidaigaku Station of Touyoko line
CONTACT: Blitz International TEL: 03-3714-0552 / Goldberg & Son inc.
May 24(Fir) - 26(Sun), 2002
Kiyosato Develop Meorial Fair " John Deer & Western Fair"
Every year they have a fair on John Deer, American Tractor that they need to develop Kiyosato. They'll have Fast Draw, Rope trick and Country Music.
Homepage (Japanese)
WHEN: May 24(Fri) - 26(Sun), 2002
WHERE: Moeginomura, Kiyosato Kougen, Yamanashi
SPONSOR: Moeginomura Inc.
CONTACT:Blue Pub Restaurant ROCK (0551-48-2521)
APR 26 (Fri), 2002
14th Tiara Koutou Concert
A country music concert.
WHEN: Apr 26 (Fri), 2002 Open 6:30pm Start 7:00pm -
WHERE: Tiara Koutou Small hall (Koutou-ku, Tokyo, Japan)
APPEARING:Shintaro Ishida & The Citylites / Guest Dave Kuboi
PRICE: ¥4,000 (¥3,500 in advance) - All seats reserved
CONTACT: Teraon 045-662-2121
HOST: The Citylites Office
Western Apparel
MAY 8 (Wed) - 19 (Sun), 2002
Sale in Marry Western Shop
Annual Sale in Marry Western Shop. 20% OFF!!
WHEN: May 8 (Wed) - 19(Sun)
WHERE: Marry Western Shop (0940-34-6077)
                 658 Ikeda, Genkaicho, Munakatagun, Fukuoka, Japan
MAY 19 (Sun), 2002
MARRY 3rd Anniversary Country Live
WHEN: May 19 (Sun) START 7:00pm -
WHERE: Marry Western Shop (0940-34-6077)
                  658 Ikeda, Genkaicho, Munakatagun, Fukuoka, Japan
APPEARING:Willie Kusuyama & Rallyart band
PRICE: ¥5,000 (Free Drink) ¥4,500 in Addvance
CONTACT:Marry Western Shop (0940-34-6077)
                   E-mail: marryws@par.odn.ne.jp
MAY 11 (Sat), 2002
Country live music in a ranch.
WHEN: May 11, 2002 START 20:00pm -
WHERE: RODY'S STABLE (072-869-0035)
             1981-3 Tatsuma Daitoushi, Osaka, Japan.
PRICE: ¥2,000 (1 drink)
CONTACT: Homepage (Japanese)
MAY 12 (Sun), 2002
The Country Connection
Many country bands will come from North and Sounth Japan.
WHEN: May 12 (Sun), 2002
WHERE: Kyoto Kaikan 2nd Hall (10mins walk from Higashiyama Station of Touzai Subway) Kyoto,JAPAN
APPEARING: Beau Yatani & his DALLAS, Naomi & The Country Steppers, Shin Ueda & Truckers, Wild Horse Survival, Tony Nakamura & Rodeo Clown, Mutsuo Yoshida & Cabbage Down, Miya Ishida, Shingo Ohno, Isao Ishibashi
PRICE: ¥3,500 (¥3,000 in advance)
CONTACT: Honky Tonk TEL 075-701-8015 Homepage (Japanese)
MAY 12 (Sun), 2002
An annual Event of Country music and dance with more than 10 country music bands Live!Homepage (Japanese)
WHEN: May 12 (Sun), 2002 OPEN 10:30am START 11:00am - 4:30pm
WHERE: Tokorozawa Kouku Kinen Kouen - Yagai stage (5min walk from Kouku Kouen station on Seibu Shinjyuku line) JAPAN
APPEARING: Kanehira Takashi & Texas Company / Cathy / Hiroko Fukuda / All Mountain Playboys / Henry / On TheBorder / Roper Boots / All Country boys / Big Forest Cowboys / Wild Wood Roses / Gentaro & Net Forcus and more.
PRICE: ¥4,000 (¥3,000 in advance) / High school student ¥1,000 / Elementary school student or less Free
CONTACT: Lone Star Cafe (Japanese) TEL: 03-3207-5369 (Takadanobaba, Japan)
APR 16 (Sat), 2002
Japan Country Music Association
5th JCMA Country Party
JCMA (Japan Country Music Association) will hold a get-together party so that we can exhange information on country music. They will have a speaker of music reviewer, live music consert with dancing.
WHEN: Apr 16 (Sat), 2002 1:00pm - 4:00pm
WHERE: Canadian Seafood Restaurant "KOJI VANCOUVER" Phone: 03-3583-5414
             B1F Kokusai Shin Akasaka Buld. East 2-14-27 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
PRICE: ¥5,000 including food
MAR 9 (Sat), 10 (Sun), 2002
JWRA Spring Western Chanpion Ship
The all Japan competition of Western equitation, hosted by the most popular western riding association in Japan, the JWRA(Japan Western Riding Association). They will have horse show in Kyousyu (southern Japan), this time. Competetors will also get points of reining and stock sheet metal of JRHA(Japan Reining Horse Association).
WHEN: Mar 9(Sat), 10(Sun), 2002
WHERE: Fukuoka-ken Equestrian ground (Koga city, Fukuoka-ken, JAPAN)
HOST: JWRA (Japan Western Riding Association)
CONTACT: JWRA in El Rancho Rannde Phone: 09737-9-2217
FEB 12 (Tue) - MAR 3 (Sun), 2002
Houston Live Stock Show & Rodeo
A Big rodeo in Houston, USA Homepage
WHEN: FEB 12 (Tue) - MAR 3 (Sun), 2002
WHERE: Houston, Texas, USA
MAR 3(Sun), 2002
37th Tokyo Country Dance Workshop
You can take country dance lesson and enjoy it. 1st class for beginner. Homepage
WHEN: Mar 3, 2002(Sun) 1:30pm - 7:30pm
WHERE: IkiIki Plaza Ichibancho Cascade Hall
Hanzoumou station (Hanzoumon line)
HOST: Crazy Feet Tokyo
PRICE: 1st (Novice class)13:30-15:30 : ¥1,500
2nd (Experieced person) 16:00-19:30 : ¥2,000
(Both: ¥2,500)(Crazy Feet Tokyo Member: ¥1,500)
CONTACT: Crazy Feet Tokyo
Hiroshi Suzuki TEL/FAX:03-3754-0087  E-mail:hiro@suzuki.or.jp
URL= http://www.country-dance.com/
FEB 16 (Sat), 17 (Sun), 2002
OBRA All Japan Finals Rodeo
Real Bull Riding in JAPAN! This is the Finals of rodeo by Okinawa Bull Riding Association in Japan! Top 8 members will compete there in last year.
WHEN: FEB 16 (Sat), 17 (Sun), 2002 / 3:00pm - 6:00pm
WHERE: Western World (Okinawa, JAPAN)
CONTACT: Okinawa Bull Riding Association


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