Events in 2000
Horse Show 
October 27(Fri) - 29(Sun), 2000
JWRA The All Japan Western Championship
The largest association of western horseback riding association will have a western horse  equestrian championship in Japan. So this will be the LARGEST horse show of western riding in Japan.  They had it around Tokyo area every year, But this time,  this will be the first show in Hyogo, Kansai area (not very far from Kyoto and Osaka).
DATA:July 27(Fri), 29(Sun) , 2000
     27 Fri / 14:00-18:00  Reining (Limited Pro, Jr. 1Go)
     28 Sat / 8:30-17:45 Showmanship, Horsemanship, Reining (No Pro,  Jr. 2 go)
           12:00- Opening Ceremony, 9:00- Welcome party
     29 Sun /  8:30-17:45 Trail, Western Pleasure, Reining (Rookie, Open)
           17:00- Prize-giving and Closing Ceremony
PLACE:Miki Horse Land Park
    Miki, Takagi, Beshyo-chou, Miki-city, Hyogo JAPAN
    Phone: 0794-83-8110
SPONSOR:Japan Western Riding Association
FEE: No fee to watch
September 23(Sat), 24(Sun), 2000
Wild East Rodeo II
OBRA will hold RODEO, Bull Riding Competition on 23 (Sat) and 23 (Sun) called Wild East Rodeo II.  This is only chance to watch REAL Bull Riding using real bulls in Japan! They'll have night rodeos from 5:00 pm 9:00 pm on both nights.  They'll also have Indianan dancer's show and much more!
Ask Western World for the details to watch. They can speak English.
DATA:23rd (Sat) and 24 (Sun),  2000
5:00 pm - 9:00pm Nite Rodeo on both nights.
PLACE:Western World  in Okinawa
Phone:098-937-3744 / Fax: 098-934-2976
     Address: 3169 Noborikawa, Okinawa-city, Okinawa
      (near  Tounan-shyokubutsu-en)
SPONSOR:Okinawa Bull Riding Association
Country Live Music
October 15(Sun), 2000
Country Gold 2000
The Biggest Country Music Show in Japan! See their Homepagefor details.
DATE:October 15(Sun), 2000 open at 9:00am start at 12:00pm
PLACE:ASPECTA, Kumamoto, Kyusyu
FEE: In-Advance: ¥6,000,  On-the-day: ¥7,000
Horse Show 
July 22(Sat), 23(Sun), 2000
10th Yatsugatake Horse Show
DATA:July 22(Sat), 23(Sun)  8:00am-4:00pm
PLACE:Yamanashi Equestrian Arena (Kobuchizawa)
FEE: No fee to watch
Country Live Music
July 8(Sat), 2000
DATE: July 8 (Sat), 200018:00-21:00 (Entry time 17:30-20:30)
PLACE: Maya Club 7-19 Midei-cho, Nada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo
FEE: Adult 3,500 yen / Child 1,800 yen
PERFORMER: Wild Horse Survival / Nashville Cats
SPONSOR:Maya Club Phone: 078-802-3112
Country Live Music
Every Sunday until June 11, 2000
Country Live Music in Odaiba!
You can enjoy live country music by the sea for free. You can also enjoy dancing there. Different performers are on every Sunday. 

Every Sunday until June 11, 2000
       3 stages / 1:00pm-1:30pm, 2:00pm-2:30pm, 3:00pm-3:30pm
PLACE:Special Stage at Youteimaru, Funeno-kagakukan, Odaiba, Tokyo
         Get off at Funeno-kagakukan on Yurikamome-line.
FEE  Free
  May 21 Sunday HEART LAND
  May 28 Sunday TEXAS COMPANY
  June  4 Sunday  F.E.WESTERNERS
  June 11 Sunday ON THE BORDER
COOPERATION: Japan Western Riding Association
SPONSOR: J.T. Kanehira & Texas Company

Western Horseback riding
April 29 Sat, 30 Sun, 2000
2nd Mikey Horse festival 
Western equstarian demonstration
They will have western style Equstarian demonstration in English style horse show. 10-15 min, twice a day.

DATE: Apr 29 Sat, 30 Sun, 2000
PLACE: Miki Horse Land Park
         Takagi, Beshocho, Miki-city, Hyogo
         Phone: 0794-83-8110
COOPERATION: Japan Western Riding Association
Fast Draw Competition
May 4Thu, 5 Fri, 2000
Fast Draw Competition all over Japan by Pail Riders in Tokyo
1st Duke Cup
Fast Draw Competition will be hold at BLACK HALL in Tokyo.  It's first time all over Japan in Tokyo. They compete in a second between the light on and a balloon break out. They recruit competitors, too. Many shops of Miltary goods and old western apparel shops  attend at  BLACK HALL.

DATE: May 4 Thu, 5 Fri, 2000 11:00am-

     Black Hall open at 4th/10:00am-5:00pm, 5th/10:00am-4:00pm
PLACE:Asakkusa Toritsu Sangyou Center
         near Asakusa St.(Tobu line) or Asakusa St. (Eidan Subway, Ginza Line)     
ADMISSION FEE:  1,000 yen a day.
SPONSOR: Black Hall Committee
           Duke Cup by Duke Hiroi, Pail Riders.
REFERENCE: Black Hall Committee, Phone: 048-644-3477
Ask ken-1@kobaden.co.jp when you  want to compete.
Country Music and Dance Party
5th (sun) March 2000
Honky-Tonk Party Vol.7
Be a Cowboy or Cowgirl!
They'll have A Big Party with Country live music! You can dance on the huge floor. You can be Rodeo Champion to obtain Champion buckle. You can also enjoy Gun Fighter's Fast Draw. See the homepage (in Japanese)

DATE: 5th (sun) March 2000   11: 30am - 2: 30pm
PLACE: Ebisu ZEST (Tokyo) Phone (03) 5475-6291
     1-22-19 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
PERFORMER:  Hart Land, Roper Boots, Dancin' Appaloosa
CONTENTS: Country Music
        Country Dance Contest
        Rodeo Competition with Mechanical Bull
        Fast Draw
FEE: In-Advance: ¥7,000,  On-the-day: ¥8,000
     (including Foods and Drinks)

  Appaloosa Planning TEL&FAX  (048) 467-1377
  E-mail: appaloosa.yu@tokyo.email.ne.jp
  To get a ticket sold in advance:
     1) Transfer ¥7,000 per a person to 
                            Sakura Bank, Tokyo Eigyou-bu, 8780271
                            Appaloosa Planning
          2) Be sure to receive its receipt at the bank.
          3) Show the receipt and get  ticket(s) at the entrance on the day.
SPONSOR: Appaloosa Planning
SUPPORT: Wrangler  (VF Japan)
COOPERATION: Dancin' Texas, Pail Riders, Okinawa Bull Riding Association


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