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bullet"Beyond Expectations" (Editorial)

(Posted April 26, 2016)

What causes my irritation? Worry too much about future I don't know? Regret past I cannot change? I turned TV off which was always on. I googled country music radios on the net without taking a look at Facebook or news. I'm listening to....Country 104. Canadian...I found gentle in me. (Written by Masaji Munekuni)

bulletStrong Earthquake attacked Kumamoto, Kyushu in Japan

(Posted April 16, 2016)

Kumamoto, Kyushu had a pretty strong earthquake at 9:26pm on April 14th, 2016 in Japan. The seismic intensity was level 7, strongest one in recorded history.

Charlie Nagatani is all right after the earthquake according to his facebook, who is a Japanese country music singer, the sponsor of "Country Gold" which has been the biggest Country music festival in Japan in every October in Aso, Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan. See facebook of Charlie Nagatani for just checking his status, please because it is very difficult to use lines of phone or internet in Kumamoto now and it's better to refrain calling or e-mail to ask for each except emergency. The earthquake occurred during his play on stage. He and his guest in bar was all right.


December 7, 2016
Added description of "will close in Janurary 2017" of "FUNNY UNIVERSAL CITYWALK OSAKA" in Western Shops
June 17, 2016
Added description of "Closed for moving" of "U.S.blues" in Western Shops
April 15, 2016
Added "Jimmy's Grace Land" (Nagasaki, Japan) in Saloons
Added "GOOD TIME CHARLIER" (Kumamoto, Japan) in Saloons
March 25, 2016
Changed link "KURIO STABLE" (Saitama, Japan) in Ranches
January 13, 2016
Changed link to "Nashville" (Kyoto, Japan) and information in Saloons
January 6, 2016
Added "ROMI REINING HORSES" (Chiba, Japan) in Ranches

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